John is given the exclusive with the parents of Dee Williams, 16, who was shot in a police related incident, and must decide whether he goes for the story the big networks will pick up, or pay his respects to the local community he’s supposed to be serving. At the family's house, John runs into the real face of tragedy as he meets Dee's mother, uncle, and younger brother. 



On location from a New Jersey mall, a joyous Christmas Eve morning turns into bloodshed and chaos. The story quickly shifts to the Williams’ family home at night. The contrast between morning and night, and the harsh shift in mood and tone, represents the suddenness of violence and loss. 



JOHN LANDON, 30, is a local field reporter. John’s career is not nearly what he thought it would be. John has always wanted to be a contributor to a national news organization and cover stories that matter. When tragedy strikes, he sees it as the opportunity of a lifetime. 


DEE WILLIAMS, 16, is a teenage girl who wants nothing more than to make her kid brother happy on Christmas by buying him the toy of his dreams. Dee is a hard-working girl that’s off to college next year and can’t wait to take the next step in her life. 


MARJORIE WILLIAMS, 40s, is the mother of Dee. She’s kept busy as a working mom raising her two children. Her children are her life, especially Dee, her shining star.  


UNCLE MIKE, 50s, is Dee’s uncle and older brother of Marjorie. He’s a stubborn man with a quick temper who lives with his sister after recently getting laid off. 


RAY WILLIAMS, 8, is Dee’s younger brother. He’s been sick for the past year and is finally recovered. He loves super heroes and has grown attached to his action figures, having been isolated with his illness for the past year. 


MARTY, 40sis the cameraman for John Landon. He’s been on the job for way too long and is a professional in every sense of the word. His goal is to get the job done and get home to his family before his kids are asleep. 


JAN, 30s, is an ambitious local news producer. This is the first stop in what she hopes is an illustrious career producing a national news show. She's always in John's ear.